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About us

Ateneya is made up of carefully selected high level professionals that provide outstanding value–added services and products.
We believe The key to success is simply to put the best individuals in the business to work together.

About us Ateneya


Ateneya is perfectly-positioned to take the lead in this emerging industry.
Creating Developing Improving 4you on regional, national and global business development, in each vertical and geographical market.
A large group of high level professionals carefully selected from different countries around the world, are the key to what makes our service unique, providing a local and personal knowledge with the objective of achieving your goals and event even better ... exceeding them!

  • Our solutions to help businesses and people are based in Business Development, Business Growth Strategies, Internationalization; Marketing; Neuromarketing; Digital Marketing; Sales Boosters; Digital Presence; 360º Solutions for Internet and Mobile; Development of Specific Technologies; Consulting and Advisoring, Representation and many more.
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  • We provide a wide range of expertise to assist business leaders in strategic and technical decision making, placing people and organizations at the highest level of performance.
  • We assist manufacturers and distributors in developing a strategic business plan to improve and or expand products, service, brands focused to improve their presence in global markets.
  • Conducting Market, Competitors and Customer Research to identify trends along with potential business opportunities and the implementation of the utmost market entry strategies.
  • Getting the right product, service, where required when required at the right quality, and cost. Our international knowledge and capability to build long term relationships in the supply chain (qualified manufacturers, suppliers and distributors) allows us to deliver cost effective procurement and sourcing solutions that best meet the individual unique needs of each customer.​

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We love to team up with ambitious brands and professionals to deliver the finest experience and results in everything we do.
Create, develop and improve are the ingredients for a perfect recipe!

Message From The CEO
Dr André Azevedo - CEO at Ateneya
Our Work is about impact, influence and inspiration with all the enthusiasm of sticking a bold course of action for an unconventional business strategy, a unique product-development roadmap, a disruptive marketing campaigns, and local strategic knowledge that drives to the passion that we have for What We do.
Soo.... We are the ones you’ve been waiting for!
André Azevedo

Team of creators

Beside of helping People and Businesses to grow and drive into Sucess, our team-based approach helps to cultivate the flow of nice creative ideas and let our team members unleash their creativity in order to create the best products and solutions for the markets demand and needs.

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CodeBehind Tech.

Food Industry in Portuguese Market

Horta da Maria


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Bring your business to the next level with Ateneya!

Our global and diverse experience enables us to provide outstanding value–added services. Through our advisory, consulting, support, development and implementation of action plans.

Creating Developing Improving 4you!

We work hard and daily for organizations and persons who are chasing continuous improvement in their performance and efficiency. Maximizing general growth and quality time on their life, resulting in a perfect peace of mind for our clients.
Come and challenge us, we are Always here.