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High Performance Quantum Bioresonance

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  • For the purposes of improving health and performance
High Performance Biofeedback by Ateneya

The story goes

Quantum biofeedback program is implemented to assist coaches, trainers, and physicians to prevent athlete injuries, enhance contest preparation, accelerate training and post-contest recovery, and optimize overall athletic performances.
Biofeedback has been used for sport performance enhancement, including at the Olympic level, for more than 40 years, because athletic performance is intimately linked with the athlete's ability to relax, recover, sleep, manage pain, and mentally and emotionally prepare for competition.

Quantum biofeedback ATENEYA
The Technology
The Mandelay Q9 works the same way as the SCIO or Eductor devices. It measures the frequencies of substances and trough the information gained we can get a picture of our bodies’ needs, dysfunctions and weakness. With this device as well, we can train these energetic imbalances.

About Quantum Biofeedback

It can tune brain function, increase intelligence & memory and Enhanced Learning ability. Correction on disturbances in Brain Wave Pattern, meridian energy flow and Chakra energy correction help treat such diseases. The latest state of the art machine Mandelay Q9 is used, it does a very high-speed analysis of about 300k measurements in 3 minutes at a cell level, the most fundamental building block of our body. It uses one of the advanced medical software. It has been built on advanced research and is the most peer-reviewed.

Quantum Biofeedback CSO at Ateneya
Dr Miguel Ferrari Jr Biofeedback Ateneya
Dr. Miguel Ferrari Jr (SP/BR) - Is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) for this project here at Ateneya. Dr. Miguel Ferrari is a biophysicist and psychologist, has been working in the health field for more than 25 years.
Performs diagnoses and treatments helped (as an instrument) by the use of frequential medicine and Quantum biofeedback.

Use of Quantum Biofeedback

The diagnosis and the corrections are at the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Nutritional, Hormonal and Spiritual dimensions including AURA & CHAKRA. The diagnosis and treatment involve Mind Relaxation, Hormone stabilization, Weight reduction, Emotional balancing, Reverse Ageing, Face Lift, Nutritional deficiency identification, Detoxification, Zapping of the Bacteria, Virus & Fungi, Neurological repairment, correcting digestive disturbances, restoring organ function, and many more.

Brief Review About GQB

Genius Quantum Biofeedback

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