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  • 20 March 2018
  • Deliver the best added value products and solutions for all
Labels and Products Ateneya

Products and Solutions
designed 4 all

Our commitment is to delight consumers with leading products and unique solutions.
We strive for excellence, driving impactful innovation, keeping our partners and clients at the heart of all we do.

Some of our actual Brands

Creating innovative niche projects since 2014!

Events | Experiences | Concierge | Personal Assistant


Fruits | Veggies | Groceries | Bio | Natural Food

Horta da Maria

Development | Internet | Mobile | Marketing | Communication

CodeBehind Tech.

Tailored Projects
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Bring your business to the next level with Ateneya!

Our global and diverse experience enables us to provide outstanding value–added services. Through our advisory, consulting, support, development and implementation of action plans.

Creating Developing Improving 4you!

We work hard and daily for organizations and persons who are chasing continuous improvement in their performance and efficiency. Maximizing general growth and quality time on their life, resulting in a perfect peace of mind for our clients.
Come and challenge us, we are Always here.

Strategies-and-Tools-to-Grow High Performance Biofeedback by Ateneya